Teens continue to move through social media faster than mom or dad can keep up. After all there are over 400 apps or platforms that have social functions. To monitor it would be impossible. We believe there are plenty people telling you what to be wary of, so we want to be a voice that gives you information and uses it to help you have better conversations with your teenagers. Social media can be a fun way to share information and communicate. When you are actively using it with your teenager, you are modeling good digital citizenship (at least we hope you are!).

If this is your first visit, here are a few helpful things to note about the site. Parent tips and articles can be accessed from the at Social Media Parent Tips. If you are curious about workshops that we conduct at your invitation, the can be found “#Help: Get Social.” We firmly believe that parents who have healthy communication with their teens, have happier homes. Our goal is to help you be Aware Online, Present Offline.

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Brian has been working with teenagers for over 20 years as mentor, minister, friend and educator. His own interest in social media and how to keep up with teenagers brought him to this topic. He’d love to hear from you. He is available for speaking and workshops. He is author of two books, “How to Be #SocialMediaParents,” a parent guide to social media and teens, and “#Connect: Reaching Youth Across the Digital Divide.” 

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